UKISUG has announced that it is to play a key role in SUGEN’s (SAP User Group Executive Network) SAP BusinessObjects charter which was announced at SAP’s Sapphire NOW event in Orlando. The charter is aimed at increasing engagement and collaboration between SUGEN and SAP in order to better meet the needs of SAP BusinessObjects customers.

“Many customers still don’t necessarily see BusinessObjects as an SAP company, which means that they are missing out on the value that the global SAP user groups could offer to them,” said Craig Dale, chief executive of the SAP UK & Ireland User Group. “Through the charter the aim is to understand what BusinessObjects users want from SAP and from the user groups, so that we are then able to provide them with the education, influence and networking opportunities they desire.”

Through working on the charter SUGEN members will also be sharing experience on how the different BusinessObjects communities have been built and how the different user group memberships have been structured. This will all help SUGEN and SAP better define programmes that will provide greater value for BusinessObjects customers.

The first initiative of the charter is a 360˚ customer survey, which has been distributed to all SAP BusinessObjects users worldwide. The survey will collect information on the needs of SAP BusinessObjects customers including education, networking and product influence. The charter’s subsequent initiatives will then be based on the survey results to improve SAP BusinessObjects service offerings throughout the user group community.

“Being part of the SAP user group community stands to greatly benefit BusinessObjects users, as it will give them with greater access to SAP and provide them with greater visibility of upcoming product roadmaps. At the same time existing user group members will also stand to benefit from being able to network directly with more real-life BusinessObjects users, as they look towards SAP Business Intelligence deployments in the future,” added Paul Aitkenhead, co-chair BI Special Interest Group (SIG), SAP UK & Ireland User Group.

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