A SMARTER HANA Migration with a perfect UAT approach


15:05 - 15:50

With any SAP implementation, upgrade or patch, the primary focus is often on the technical aspects of the project when the most important and time consuming part of the project is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Validation. A migration to S/4HANA is no exception.

UAT is normally a manually intensive process and takes people away from their daily tasks. The need for multiple Conference Room Pilots or Phases means that a lot of the testing is repetitive and tedious, and so is prone to error. In addition, the preparation work to get the required data for the test scenarios can be very time consuming and does not actually contribute to the process of testing. A migration to S/4HANA makes UAT even more important while massively increasing the time and complexity of the task.

Learn how the Original Software solutions have helped a number of SAP users to streamline their UAT and system validation processes for upgrades and patches, and in the process made themselves ready for a move to HANA. Even if you have no test scripts now, we can show you how to gain a full understanding of how the business used each module or SAP, and any other platform, so you can achieve true end to end automated testing without having to do any programming. You will learn how these SAP users formalized their UAT process, documented their current business processes and built a test library. In addition, they were able to automate a significant portion of the repetitive UAT tasks while reducing the time and cost of the project. By formalizing their UAT process and enabling test process improvement, they are well prepared for the move to HANA.