Accelerating the Journey to S4/Hana with Self-Service Enterprise-Wide Reporting

Financial Excellence

11:55 - 12:40

The roadmap to S4/Hana is for many businesses complex with timings undetermined at best. Yet, the need to keep the business not just moving but running, delivering ever-improved results, is increasingly taking precious time away from IT to support day-to-day activity. Many organisations are fast tracking self-service applications as a way of smoothing out and accelerate their journey to Hana. Not only can they increase business efficiency now, freeing up IT time to focus on strategic goals such as Hana, but can integrate fully into your S4/Hana journey, safeguarding your investment for the future. Enterprise-wide reporting in one such application that can achieve this.

Join this presentation to learn how Mindray - China’s largest medical equipment manufacturer with operations in over 190 countries - leveraged real-time Excel reporting to smooth out the ride in their SAP journey.
Hear the challenges Mindray faced with their reporting environment, including long financial close times and over reliance on IT to produce reports. Hear first-hand how the business transformed their way of working and by doing so reduced the time spent processing numbers, giving them more time to spend on strategic activity. Also, hear from our experts around the options for reporting in S4/Hana and why you may be well advised to consider moving to Excel-based enterprise-wide reporting today.