Choosing the right implementation methodology for your SAP project - a comparison of Waterfall and Agile

ADLM Workshop Stream

16:30 - 18:00

A view of where choosing the right implementation methodology for your SAP project fits into the top ten considerations for implementing SAP, leading into a more detailed comparison of Agile and Waterfall implementation approaches focused on…

  • People – Location, Knowledge & Experience
  • Requirements – Scale, Scope & Complexity
  • Organisation – Culture, Structure & Style
  • Criticality – Risk, Compliance & Quality
  • Architecture – Releases, Environment & Support

The workshop would be run via a Q and A format where User Group attendees would be given the opportunity to ask specific questions on any of the above criteria to determine whether they as an organisation and/or their projects would make suitable candidates for Agile project implementations. We would also advise based on real life SAP experience of both large and small Agile project implementations on how to set-up and scale the projects and look to offer practice advise and follow-up.

We would need to run this staffed by a number of SAP Delivery Managers and form breakout groups to look at specific questions in smaller sub sets.