Implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central: Why? When? How?

Cloud Workshop Stream

16:30 - 18:00

There are a lot of generic assumptions and “rules” about the perfect time or sequence to implement SuccessFactors Employee Central. Marketing speak and the fast pace of change in the cloud often make it difficult for customers to keep up to date to make the right decisions at the right time. The inconvenient truth is: there is no single correct answer.

Talking to a variety of customers, I learned that roadmaps and business cases are as diverse as the businesses involved.

This session gives you the confidence to cut through marketing speak, the tools and techniques to develop your bespoke implementation strategy, and give you more ideas where to find the real business value, which isn’t always just infrastructure savings and process efficiencies, but often driven by engagement, empowerment and digital transformation.

To make the session digestible and more fun, I’ll also run a few live demos including some less known features, which can add to your business case and a live configuration exercise to fight the myth that cloud solutions are always less flexible than on-premise ones.