Keynote - ​SAP Portfolio Strategy and Outlook

09:50 - 10:50

SAP Portfolio Management holistically covers all market categories, industries, lines of business and regions. The presentation provides insight into the trends impacting the SAP Portfolio, the SAP Portfolio Strategy and method to ensure future readiness, to achieve customer success.

Making the right strategic decisions - How the digital economy is impacting the SAP Portfolio?
Hala looks after the global SAP product and solution portfolio and has to continually monitor the trends impacting IT and SAP, to make the right strategic decisions about what products to develop or discontinue. In this presentation she will look at the trends impacting the SAP product portfolio including technology, the digital economy, connectedness and innovation. She will focus on what she sees as the emergence of a strong digital, data core or platform and the growth of innovative, agile solutions around that core addressing specific line of business or industry needs. Gain valuable insights into how SAP is developing current and future solutions to meet these trends and how you can make the right strategic decisions to take advantage of these growing opportunities.