Amanda Maguire

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Amanda is SAP Education EMEA Solution Architect – advising customers on their education strategy when implementing new or upgrading existing SAP systems......

She took on the role with over 20 years' experience on business transformation programmes in change and training management. With a career focused on the impacts on people – project team members, end users, suppliers and customers, Amanda has a passion for effective and engaging education, enabling people through innovative learning interventions. Her experience is wide ranging - from national to global programmes in a variety of industries, Amanda is a rigorous project manager as well as a systems practitioner with a BSc in Systems Thinking and Managing Complexity.

Amanda's Sessions at Connect 2016

“All Change Please” – where does education fit into cloud implementations using SAP Activate?

Tuesday 22nd November | 3:05pm - 3:50pm

This presentation considers the new ways of thinking about education that are needed in implementing projects our cloud-led world. Nearly as radical as SAP’s latest generation software is the change in mind-set and res...

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