Gary Niblett

Portfolio Manager

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Gary Niblett has been working with SAP for the past 10 years. A member of the Formula 100 Programme Team that introduced SAP to Serco, he has been involved in the ongoing delivery of SAP Change Projects including global template rollout.......

business acquisition/new contract integration, new functionality introduction and upgrades. Latterly as Corporate SAP Portfolio Manager was responsible for a programme of business divestment between 2012 and 2016, utilising a full spectrum of techniques to successfully facilitate the transfer of divested businesses off Serco’s Corporate SAP System. Commonly this involved running the divested business on Serco’s Corporate SAP system under a Transitionary Services Agreement (TSA) for a period of up to 9 months. This has obvious access/data security implications, and the challenge of running a third party business using back office processes designed solely for internal use!

Gary's Sessions at Connect 2016

Divesting Businesses means Untangling SAP!

Monday 21st November | 1:30pm - 2:15pm

Serco has over the past 4 years divested a number of businesses which have been running on Serco’s Corporate SAP System. We have utilised ‘every’ technique to facilitate the exit of these businesses ranging from simple...

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