British Gas achieve ‘Quick Win’ via a Simplified and Automated Finance Master Data Solution (with help from AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd)

Financial Excellence

15:40 - 16:25

Level 5A, Exec 8

Hear from British Gas how they achieved a ‘Quick Win’ in the area of creating and maintaining Finance Master data (Projects inc’ WBS Structures & Settlement Rules, etc).

The innovative design of the solution enabled substantial retention of established business processes and forms (thereby minimising ‘change’ and training within the business community) whilst significantly increasing data governance and process efficiency of SAP Master Data creation.

Significantly this Quick Win solution has reversed the trend for BPO outsourcing offshore by facilitating an Automation based approach thereby completely eliminating the overhead, delays and management/control issues when working with a remote support service provider.

This has provided the opportunity to embed the highest standards for governance and adherence to British Gas data standards (reducing errors + improving reporting). Whilst enabling real time updates the solution was designed to provide a re-usable platform able to support wider initiatives and business changes through mass creation & maintenance of SAP Master Data.