Effective Risk-based Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

Audit, Control & Security

13:30 - 14:15

Level 5, Hall 8B

Cybersecurity is an operational risk, an application security issue, and increasingly a regulatory compliance issue.

With drivers such as complexity from IOT and BYOD, big data volumes, continual evolution of patterns of attacks, proliferation in number and professionalization of attacks, the growing business of personal & IP data as a revenue stream, and increasingly public impacts on business of data breaches, how can your business keep up with its cyber/infosec risk and security program?

In this session learn what SAP are doing to protect themselves from their tens of thousands of attacks each day and how this helps you. Learn about zero trust and anti-ransomware whitelist approaches, why this is necessary in the evolving digitalised world, and what SAP have developed in this area, including machine learning.

All organisations have limited resources and must balance spend on protection against risk of harm: see how SAP have approached this, and how this can help too.

Also learn how SAP software can help you with your GDPR and NIS compliance programs.