Eliminate data bottlenecks to streamline and accelerate your supply chain processes

Supply Chain Management

16:30 - 17:15

Join Nik Pattni, Global Data Governance Manager at Smiths Detection, who will share his experiences first hand of how he has streamlined data processes, improved data governance and delivered a more effective supply chain with Winshuttle.

Smiths Detection is a global authority on the application, management and manufacture of world class detection and screening technology. With over 40 years’ field tested experience, Smiths Detection deliver solutions needed to protect society from the threat and illegal passage of explosives, prohibited weapons, contraband, toxic chemicals and narcotics.

Master data is often the root cause of supply chain management issues and inefficiencies. Automating SAP ERP supply chain data management processes reduces manual work, eliminates operational issues and empowers the supply chain.

This is where Winshuttle can help make SCM become a strategic driver – allowing you to make continuous improvements, reduce cycle times, and stay ahead of market demand.

The benefits can be significant – one company reduced their source list change from over a month to just two days.

Join us to hear more from Nik, and discover how you can:

  • Reduce cycle times & meet customer SLAs
  • Remove waste from production processes
  • Decrease costs associated with poor data quality
  • Increase employee productivity