Get Clean & Stay Clean in SAP

Audit, Control & Security

14:25 - 15:10

The Live Hacking will demonstrate how a hacker misuses vulnerabilities to hijack a SAP-System and gain access to the “DNA” of your company. Beside the live hacking Virtual Forge will show how you get clean and stay clean in SAP!

Around 350.000 organizations, including 90% of the top 2,000 companies entrust their business to SAP systems. These firms depend on their SAP application security and stability for many key business transactions. With these systems, any downtime or decline in performance can have dire consequences.

Virtual Forge are the experts of Security, Compliance and Quality assurance products and services that manage SAP® systems and applications in the most critical environments like e.g. Military, Banking & Insurance, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare and federal institutions. In addition, Virtual Forge acts as a competence partner for SAP. This includes reporting new identified vulnerabilities as well as the delivery of SAP security solutions like “SAP Enterprise Threat Detection”.

Virtual Forge will demonstrate the importance in protecting your SAP System by demonstrating a live hack on stage and how easy it is to misuse vulnerabilities for a hacker.