Quality Principles to encourage Customer Success (in Cloud Implementations)

Project Success Workshops

16:30 - 18:00

A Workshop on the importance of applying Quality Principles to encourage customer success.Focusing on cloud projects, the aim is to help SUG delegates to plan and execute their cloud projects more successfully. Note – this is not product specific or ‘technical’ but based on broad success factors and quality principles.(So anyone wanting to ask questions specific to particular Cloud products or challenges they are experiencing with these could be disappointed).Instead, this session will cover:-

  • Factors important for success in Cloud solution implementations and mindsets specific to Cloud solution adoption.How these relate to the more common challenges we see in Cloud implementations.
  • SAP’s 10 Quality Principles. Where and when to apply these during the project.How these compare with principles of project methodologies such as DSDM.
Key SAP engagement points during an implementation and how these may vary depending on the type of Support / Preferred Care arrangement you as a customer have with SAP, the size and complexity of the SAP landscape (in terms of numbers of users, range of SAP products) etc.