Reliable Test Data when you need it


14:25 - 15:10

Level 2, Hall 10B

If HCM is the most dynamic SAP module, then payroll carries with it a dynamic set of challenges. For example, testing pensions auto-enrolment, tax changes, salary sacrifice and the national living wage all pose challenges to even the most seasoned SAP test teams.

Giving both functional and technical users on-demand access to secure test data can seem elusive.

In this session, we will highlight how Burton’s Biscuit Company decided to take control of their testing challenges by onboarding EPI-USE Labs’ Data Sync Manager for HCM.

“Our old way of working for satisfying payroll testing requirements took a long time - a five-day copyback. So reducing this to 29 minutes is fantastic!” David Travis, Burton’s Biscuit Company.

Join David Travis and Dzi Mavengere to find out more about generating accurate test data, and saving time and costs for your business.