Role concept: The key success factor for GDPR compliancy and User Provisioning process.

Audit, Control & Security

11:00 - 11:45

The role concept design is critical for successful Identity Access Management or Compliant User Provisioning projects as well as for GDPR compliancy.

This session will cover concepts for SAP ECC as S/4HANA as HANA:

• Who are the role concept stakeholders?
• What are the role concept criteria?
• Compare the different role concepts with its (dis)advantages
• Technical considerations to take into account

Key point that attendees will take away from this session

• Role content is key for every IAM and preventive SOD (CUP) process
• How to define and maintain roles with correct authorizations which are aligned with business documentation
• Criteria needed to enable automated role building
• The new GDPR requirements for role content