SAP Data Hub - What, Why, How & When

Business Intelligence

15:05 - 15:50

Level 4, Hall 7A

Launched at a Special Event in September and then formally unveiled at TechEd, SAP Data Hub is a new approach to solving a well-known problem.

You cannot escape the hype around data. We hear that more data is being generated than ever before, that data is the new oil, or indeed that data is the fuel of the Digital Economy. The problem is that not all data is created equal. On the one hand we have nicely structured and organised enterprise data, with established techniques for storing, managing and enabling analysis. On the other hand we have the new breed of data; data driven by innovations such as connected devices, social media, and artificial intelligence. In this world we talk about Big Data and Data Lakes, and technologies like Kafka and Hadoop.

How can we reconcile these two worlds? How can we bring together data to deliver insight without drowning in the complexity of managing these different technologies.

Fresh from getting his hands dirty at SAP TechEd, Andy will discuss the What, Why, How and When of SAP's new Data Hub solution.

  • What is SAP Data Hub?
  • Why is SAP Data Hub so important?
  • How does SAP Data Hub address the challenge of heterogeneous data landscapes?
  • When should you consider SAP Data Hub?