SAP Solutions for Your End-to-end GDPR Compliance Program

Security & Compliance Workshops

16:30 - 18:00

Level 3, Hall 11A

GDPR is one of the most impactful regulations over the last 15+ years. Many organisations are still coming to terms with the true breadth and intrusive impact on their business, because it is not just about ‘compliance’: it is a major legal, operational, IT, financial and cultural change.

SAP is in the unique position to leverage industry validated solutions to support a customer’s end to end GDPR compliance program. Find out which and how.

In this session you will learn about GDPR and it’s impact, which core SAP solutions make up an end to end approach to your GDPR compliance via practical use cases, how you can support your corporate GDPR compliance campaign, and a pragmatic phased implementation approach. You will also learn about the business advantages of GDPR - yes, they exist!