Tata Steel Europe: applying SAP Quality Principles to deliver business value and recognise success

Human Resources

11:00 - 11:45

Level 2, Hall 10A

2016 SAP Quality Award winners for SAP UKI market unit in the ‘HR Cloud’ category and for Europe, Middle East & Africa region for ‘Cloud Innovation’. ‘PeopleLink’ - the SAP SuccessFactors implementation across Tata Steel Europe - covers 20,000+ employees across multiple geographies. Implementing SAP SuccessFactors in a global steel manufacturing company has its challenges, and getting approval for this major investment was just the first hurdle. See how applying SAP Quality Principles from the start of our project has helped us to deliver business value, track benefits, measure user satisfaction and recognise success. Our business case identified £2.5m trackable financial benefits, find out what types of benefits we measure and how we are progressing.