The Intelligent Enterprise in Action: Showcasing the Digital Operations Centre

Creating Disruptive Advantage

09:30 - 10:15

Level 3 - Hall 11B

In this session, AgilityWorks will describe what an “Intelligent Enterprise” could look like by showcasing a Digital Operations Centre for an example utility organisation, making use of many of SAP’s latest technologies such as Analytics Cloud, Digital Board Room, Cloud Platform and S/4HANA. Navigating from executive level KPI’s down to operational insights and real-time collaboration, attendees will see how augmenting an organisation’s core ERP with external sources such as weather, IoT and social media can enable better collaboration and more efficient processes. You will also see how the combination of SAP’s latest technology and the Leonardo Design Thinking approach can design, develop and deliver digital solutions across complex, hybrid landscapes, supporting your workforce wherever they are, with the right tools, insight and capabilities.

In this example, we look at how various SAP and non-SAP data sources, such as social media, weather, traffic, IoT sensors, etc. can be fully integrated, and use this data to power a collection of innovative business applications which transform the way of working for C-level stakeholders, Operations Managers and Field Engineers.

This fully-integrated, Intelligent Suite provides the ability to:

  • Review overall business performance against industry benchmarks, customer satisfaction scoring and company specific KPI’s
  • Identify, in real-time, unplanned interruptions or exceptions to infrastructure and normal operations
  • Use fully-interactive maps with ESRI content, to see field engineers and where repairs are needed, as well as overlaying with other key, contextual information to assist and inform decision making processes
  • Automatically raise and prioritise inbound service interruption alerts, from sources including phone, email and social media, as well as pushing information out to stakeholders and customers

This session will demonstrate many SAP technologies, and allow attendees to gather more real-world understanding of how they can be deployed together and integrated into SAP landscapes right now, as we walk through some of the architectural patterns in place to make use of capabilities such as:

  • Cloud SaaS & PaaS software & services
  • Mobile developments and platforms
  • IoT sensors and integration
  • Big data
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning

We hope attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of the art of the possible with current technology, looking past a lot of the marketing and hyperbole often associated with our industry, and a renewed desire to drive innovation into their organisations without the fear of “how can it be done?” being asked of them.