Utilising the power of SAP ERP and the agility of UI5 to deliver efficiency driving, future proofed Supplier Portals

Supply Chain Management

15:40 - 16:25

Level 5A, Exec 7

Supplier Portals reduce your administrative costs, improve the data on which you base key decisions and allow your suppliers to enhance the service they provide via improved collaboration.

This session will provide an insight into how these benefits can be achieved without adding landscape complexity by adopting a SAP centric approach to the delivery of your Supplier Portal. By leveraging the capabilities of SAP ERP, you can provide portal functionality which allows your suppliers to interact with you more efficiently and by using responsive UI5 technology, the portal will run on any device, offer an easily adopted intuitive interface and be agile to facilitate rapid innovation.

Strategic alignment to the SAP roadmap ensures your business processes are unified with this single stack technology ensuring that the portal is future proofed and increases your ROI in SAP.