Audit, Control & Security SIG

Thursday 11th June 2015 - 9:30am - 9:30am

Venue TBC

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Marc Jackson from Turnkey Consulting will present SAP Audit 101 

This session is an introduction to auditing SAP Security.  The purpose of this session is to explain both why audits need to happen and what auditors are looking for.  We will run through a typical work program, highlighting typical problem areas and share tips on how you can prepare for your auditors next visit.

Alex Ayers from Turnkey Consulting will deliver Taking Audit to the next level

Following on from the Audit 101 session we will look at where SAP security audit is heading and how we can ensure that we are prepared.  In this session we will look at examples covering core technical security and products such as Fiori, HANA and Personas.

Gerald West from Serco will present Using Automation to gain efficiency, improve security & controls

This session looks at how we can use automation to make our processes more efficient, improve our security and controls position and help future-proof ourselves against audits.  In this session we will look at some of the automation tools available (SAP standard and off-the-shelf), what benefits they can provide and typical use cases.

Alex Ayers from Turnkey Consulting will deliver Walkthrough of an automated SAP vulnerability assessment

Walkthrough of performing a cyber-security review of SAP applications using automated tooling. In this session we will focus on the process of review preparation, performing the review and validating the output in the context of a client’s infrastructure and operational environment.

SAP will be delivering an Advanced Secure Support – Opening of UK Secure Hub Session
Companies in the aerospace and defence, banking, insurance, high-tech, and security industries – along with those in the public sector – must comply with strict regulations and data privacy requirements. As a result, they need strong authentication for software system access and tools for limiting access to users in certain countries or certain authorized persons. Advanced secure support services from SAP are designed to maximize security and data privacy while accessing SAP Enterprise Support offerings and/or the SAP MaxAttention / SAP Active Embedded premium support engagement services. They help to take full advantage of these offerings by providing advanced secure connection, customer centric restrictions for remote system and data access, security-cleared support personnel, and last but not least SecureAreas with SecureRooms in SAP Global Support Centers.

SAP Support opens its 3rd EMEA SAP SecureHub in Maidenhead on the 11th June. Participate the inauguration and discuss support related security topics with SAP Support security experts, SAP management and likeminded SAP customers.

Paul Helms, Vice President GSS | Global Enterprise Support & Premium Engagements and Cormac Watters, Managing Director SAP UKI will both be attending the SecureHub opening.

Guided Tours of the SAP Secure HUB will be available if you would like to take part at the end of the day. The secure support team will give you an insight into the technology of the secure room and an example how a delivery situation would be handled for customers with high security requirements.The Tour will run for approx 10 minutes.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Event: Audit, Control & Security SIG

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Event: Audit, Control & Security SIG

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Event: Audit, Control & Security SIG

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Marc Jackson, Turnkey Consulting - SAP Audit 101

Event: Audit, Control & Security SIG

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