Payroll SIG

Thursday 10th September 2015 - 9:30am - 9:30am

Venue TBC

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Gordon Rennie from SAP will present Shared Parental Leave & Pay: The “simplified” version.

The HMRC guide to SPL & ShPP (on which SAP’s solution is based) covers all the legal requirements for employers and covers all possible data requirements for SPL and ShPP. In response to customers finding the full set of possible data fields far too complex and unwieldy, we have worked on a cut-down or simplified version that concentrates on just recording the data for your employee (and not recording the data of their partner). This means the screens can be significantly simplified. At the same time, the live demonstration will show the new Booking Request “Table Control” (instead of the Booking Request “Calendar”) that can be selected to be used or not based on an individual users parameters.

We will be covering the following topics at the SIG and more information will be available online soon:

  • General SAP Update
  • Budget
  • Legislation Update
  • User Group update, including conference

Sven Ringling from iProCon Ltd will present Run SAP Payroll simpler and safer with the right tools and processes.

The “Run simple” initiative from SAP is advertised almost everywhere, but funnily enough, “payroll” isn’t mentioned very often. You may not be surprised, but we are as there are a lot of opportunities to make SAP payroll simpler and safer.

In this session we’ll walk along your payroll process to point out typical opportunities for improvement: some tools, some just process changes. Tools demonstrated comprise:

  • Reconciliation for payroll configuration across systems to get rid of the risk of hitting inconsistencies with transports.
  • Safe as-if simulations for payroll admins and ESS to improve employee service, whilst taking effort and risk out of the question “How would my pay slip look like, if…)
  • Getting to the right holiday pay solution for your organization by asking the right questions and picking the right technical solution.
  •  A glimpse at the new SAP Payroll Control Centre to make SAP payroll look  like a 21st century software.

Customer Influence

As you maybe aware we work closely with SAP on Influencing the software you our members use and utilise the SIGs to drive these improvements, bringing our members together in a shared cause.

Please follow the link below if you are not currently registered on the platform, or have registered and have not as yet followed a topic of interest.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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