Audit Control & Security

Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 9:00am - 4:00pm

Explorer House, Southampton

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David Lloyd from Grey Monarch and Steven Snook from Ordnance Survey will present SAP Security – Cleanse, Control, Detect, Automate.

The ProfileTailor™ Dynamics Journey – In this joint presentation by Ordnance Survey and Grey Monarch, the four key aspects of the ProfileTailor™ Dynamics journey will be covered:

  • Cleansing authorizations, roles, and segregation of duty issues
  • Continuous monitoring of sensitive access and activity and controlling such access
  • Detecting undesired and unusual behaviour such as potential fraud, data theft and cyber attack
  • Automating the employee lifecycle – Joiners, Movers and Leavers as well as automating processes for static users such as self-service password reset and emergency access.

Learn about Using SAP user behaviour profiling to identify potential data access risks, fraud, and exposure to indirect access licensing costs.

In this session David Lloyd from Grey Monarch will be looking at how analysing and behaviour profiling SAP user activity and system account activity can be used as a crucial line of defence against potential data theft, fraud, cyber attacks and possible exposure to indirect access licensing costs.

SAP will also present at this SIG and information on this session will be available online soon.

Event Resources

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Ordnance survey & Profile Tailor™ Dynamics - Jane Wood & Steve Snook - Ordnance Survey (1.48 MB)
ProfileTailor™ Dynamics - David Lloyd - Grey Monarch (1.84 MB)
Using SAP user behaviour profiling to ifentify potential data access risks, fraud and exposure to indirect access licensing costs - Grey Monarch (6.49 MB)

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