Tuesday 13th June 2017 - 9:30am - 3:00pm

Bedfont Road, Heathrow

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This year’s testing SIG will be focussing on performance testing. Frequently ignored by projects, poor system performance on go-live is as likely to colour end users perception of a system as faulty functionality. Through careful planning and execution of performance testing, this risk can be mitigated and transaction response times improved with a potential positive effect on the bottom line. How do we achieve this and as managers, what should we put in place in preparation for it?

The first part of the day will look at why or when we should do it, what good performance testing is, the tools needed and the value you get from it.

And what about after a project has gone live? The cumulative effect of BAU change can also impact performance. We will look at strategies for building a cost effective continual performance testing model for ongoing monitoring in BAU.

Good performance testing provides invaluable insight to the overall health of your enterprise systems, including functionality, end-user experience, batch processes, data and the technology stack. At the event we will explore what performance testing should deliver.

We will look at some of the key questions asked:

  • how to identify what to test?
  • are we testing or should we be tuning?
  • in the ‘real world’ we don’t have the luxury of full-scale test systems… so why bother?
  • what should the results contain and what do we monitor/analyse?
  • can we scale results from project systems into production?
  • can we continue to test or measure performance in BAU/production?
  • why use LoadRunner/Performance Center
  • we’re on the Cloud, so surely I don’t need to worry about performance?

Simon Evans from Experior has nearly 20 years of experience performance tuning SAP and enterprise landscapes. He will guide you through how to make performance testing an integral part of your quality management lifecycle and dispelling a few myths along the way. Find out whether you could or should be doing performance testing or even whether you’ve been doing it right all this time!

Gary Voller from SAP will present The many faces of Performance Testing; how you can get from zero to Hero.

Whilst everyone agrees that Performance is a key characteristic of a Quality, user friendly, Application and everyone who tries to use a slow, unresponsive application is just as frustrated with the experience. Not everyone conducts Performance validation of their application prior to go live. Yet really, we all agree it’s a good idea. So, what are the steps you can take to make Performance testing a reality in your organisation?

In this session, ‘The many faces of Performance testing’ are looked at and judged for what they in practise bring to the Performance testing table.

We start looking at situations where no performance testing is completed and how to get going. Keeping it real, we look at what is possible and what is not!

Of course, you may be conducting a level of performance testing already in your organisation and good for you! But what are the key principles you can use to get better? And which approaches are workable and where are the pit falls? This isn’t always easy as organisations have varying methods of working and Best Practise which Performance testing needs to work with.

So on that subject, we will finally look at the more modern and advanced principles of Performance testing, taking examples of real customers and their approaches to achieving cutting edge, advanced Performance validation.

Taken together this session will give you insights into the different ways that Performance testing can be achieved, with varying levels of sophistication and ultimately success!

The event will include an Ask the Experts Round Table.

Your chance to ask the experts your questions and queries relating to performance testing.

Event Location

SAP Clockhouse Place
Bedfont Road
TW14 8HD

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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