Supply Chain Management

Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 9:30am - 3:00pm

Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

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Kelvin Fraser from Rocket Consulting will present how to gain smarter EWM Operations and Warehousing with real-time analytics.

This is a look and feel session exploring new tools and capability focused specifically on the benefits of EWM on S4HANA. Discovering how contextual information can transform operations management via the visualisation of information creating faster decision support.

Applications exploration include:

  1. In application KIP’s and analytics.
  2. Labour management.

Mark Donnellan from Hallmark speaking about their journey with SAP EWM. Moving through the business journey from wholesaler to retail and ecommerce and presenting how the flexibility of EWM has adapted over time. This session will provide insights and discussion around the improvement of operational management reporting with a focus on key KPI's.

Jonathan Edgar from SAP will present SAP Extended Warehouse Management 2017. To explore the current solution roadmap and navigate a path through any major roadworks.

David Greenfield from Burtons Biscuits will be presenting Express Stock Despatch

What is it? Operator led despatch of finished goods using a handheld RF gun running a simple interface to SAP. Operator scans SSCC shipping label of each pallet manufactured, then scans a barcode next to the appropriate loading bay. When trailer is full a separate operation on the gun then despatches the load. The gun captures the necessary details of the load, then to despatch it fires the information to SAP which performs a background, STO create, delivery, pick & PGI.

The Benefits are:

  1. Automation and overhead reduction
  2. Accuracy of what is on the load = what is in SAP, leading to no discrepancies on inbound tipping at our finished goods warehouse.

Event Resources

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SAP EWM Roadmap - SCM SIG 13th Sept 17 (2.76 MB)
Hallmark SCM SIG presentation 13th Sept 17 (2.17 MB)
How to gain smarter EWM Operations and Warehousing, Rocket Consulting (2.23 MB)
SCM SIG Presentation Sept 17 - David Greenfield, Burtons (2.64 MB)

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