Designing for mobile first – a HCD approach

Friday 22nd September 2017 - 10:00am - 11:00am

Dial In Webinar

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

We will explore new topics that could/should be incorporated into Fiori (like animation, typography and copy-writing) and how to go about introducing them.

Entwined in this strategy is Human Centered Design (HCD) & Design Thinking and the frameworks used.

Now common techniques in design & problem solving, Bluestonex give examples of the methodologies and tools available for Mobile which ultimately can speed up time to value from sophisticated software tools to hand drawn paper templates.

The topic will discuss when to use this approach and the dos and don’ts. We will share what tools to use to speed up time to value as well as the common mistakes people make. Lastly Bluestonex will discuss their developments in Mobile (and where Fiori falls behind).

We bring together a new & specialised SAP consulting approach with specialist skills and competencies in SAP user experience, SAP ERP software & SAP digital transformation programmes.

We help our customers realise the true value of investing in SAP technology through a design thinking led approach, allowing the foundations for greater business agility whilst providing a future platform for SAP driven business innovations.

Bluestonex Consulting will share a visual representation of their experiences in Mobile do’s and don’ts and future developments.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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