Supply Chain Management

Thursday 8th March 2018 at 9:30am - 3:30pm

The Config Team, Skelmersdale

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Imagine your SAP Production Orders talking to the device applying the BBE date and bar-code on the products on your production line.

Imagine being able to validate the product information applied and hold an image of a sample of the products going down the line in the production order.

Imagine the palletiser and conveyors taking the pallets to the warehouse recording the movements against the SAP warehouse documents.

Imagine all the people who touch that pallet during its life being told what to do with it.

Imagine those people including the delivery driver from your contractor.

Imagine that you would be able to talk to companies who already do this and the partners they have used to help them achieve their goals.

You can by attending this event hosted by UKISUG and The Config Team at their offices in Skelmersdale.

The day will include the following sessions:

  • Introduction to connecting devices to SAP - Andrew Moses, The Config Team
  • Honeywell Autocube 8200 - Determine dimensional weight of packages in seconds and the auto connection to SAP master data - Darren Beckley, Honeywell
  • The power of Voice and connecting Voice to SAP - Matt Gregory, Voiteq
  • Connecting Production Line Devices to SAP, CodingControl the SAP Certified Solution and the Twining’s Story - Geoff Gray, The Config Team
  • Connecting to SAP outside the four-walls, Movilizer for SAP Logistics with the Proof of Delivery solution - Nigel Holloway, The Config Team
  • RFID with Siemens, Move an entire pallet past a reader and instantly get a record in SAP - Siemens
  • Connecting Automation to SAP EWM with MFS, Cranes, AGVs and Conveyors - Chris Hudson, The Config Team
  • So what? – The value to your organisation? - Andrew Moses, The Config Team
  • Discussion on connecting devices to SAP.

Event Resources

Honeywell AutoCube 8200 (916.34 KB)
Connecting Devices to SAP (1.82 MB)
Connecting Production Line Devices to SAP (3.44 MB)
SAP EWM links to Automation (1.35 MB)
Movilizer for SAP logistics – POD solution (2.72 MB)
RFID in Action (2.26 MB)
The power of Voice and connecting Voice to SAP (2.99 MB)

Event has expired

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