Analytics Symposium

Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 9:30am - 5:30pm

Aston Villa Football Club, Birmingham

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Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel all face-to-face events until September. Take a look at our Events Calendar for webinar alternatives and online learning options!

What does the future look like for Analytics?

Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP will present SAP’s Analytics Digital Strategy.

Analytics is no longer just about better decisions, it’s now at the heart of new digital business models, and new technology opportunities are breaking down traditional barriers to getting the full value of BI & Analytics in your organisation. Hear about SAP’s overall analytics strategy, including:

  • Why the role of BI & Analytics experts is more strategic than ever.
  • The role of analytics in SAP Leonardo and digital business, including IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning and more.
  • New AI-enabled, “translytical” applications that blur the differences between operations and analytics and making existing data investments strategic than ever.
  • New Data Hub approaches to big data warehousing.
  • A new platform for monetizing information in new ways, turning information more directly into income.
  • The rising importance of Hybrid Cloud/On-premise BI and SAP’s roadmap for Smart Data Discovery.
  • Concrete steps towards your analytics future with SAP.

Chris Kernaghan from Bluefin will present SAP Data hub - The conduit to higher level analytics. Data powers knowledge, insight and action. The challenge is getting the right data into the reports with the shortest pipeline, alongside automating actions from your data.

Chris Kernaghan, SAP Mentor and data expert, looks at how you can improve data access by shortening data pipelines. Using SAP Analytics Cloud and BusinessObjects, he will demonstrate how data sources can be fed by SAP Data hub to provide insight and drive actions, opening a whole world of possibilities to you when it comes to real time data, data life cycle management, as well as reporting.

The keynote will cover:

  • What is Data hub, what it is not
  • Challenges Bluefin's customers have with data automation
  • How Bluefin can solve those with Data hub and automation
  • Show some examples of data pipelines and reports

In addition to these knowledge rich plenary sessions there are a number of excellent networking opportunities at our symposium including twelve different sessions in our breakout programme.

The breakout streams are:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualisation & Reporting
  • BIG DATA - sponsored by Attunity

Sessions Include:

  • Analytics Cloud from a BI perspective - Asad Mahmood, itelligence
  • What's new in SAP HANA, HXE and DBaaS - David Smith, SAP
  • Sizing BI and SAP Lumira Software for better performance - Matthew Shaw, SAP
  • Harnessing data to provide a single version of the truth - James Rothwell - AgilityWorks
  • Best Practices for upgrading to SAP Business Objects BI Version 4.2 - Matthew Shaw, SAP
  • WOW! Analytics at the frontier – NGN and the liberation of information - Tom Pollock, Northern Gas
  • SAP/Pure Universal Data Management Platform - Anthony Wells, Pure Storage
  • SAP HANA Data Management Suite - Martin Cox, SAP
  • Move & Maintain Business Objects on the Cloud - Patrick Perrier, 360Suite by GB&SMITH
  • Connecting SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP Universes - Matthew Shaw, SAP
  • Enriching Financial Reporting using Web Intelligence - Gary Marks & Singh Sukhdeep, National Grid
  • Alexa ask my Demo… Voice activated analytics dashboards - Tim Nightingale, Bluefin

The full agenda and breakout information is available to view in our event resources.

The day will include a Tour of Aston Villa Football Club. Soak up the atmosphere and walk in the footsteps of Villa's finest players, both past and present, in an amazing experience which highlights the club's proud history.

If you would like to LEARN and NETWORK with other SAP customers and experts alike, ensuring you make new connections, benefiting both you and your organisation you need to attend this symposium.

A list of partners who are exhibiting at this event are:

  • Bluefin
  • AgilityWorks
  • Attunity
  • 360Suite by GB&SMITH
  • itelligence
  • Pure Storage
  • SAP

As we have three different focused streams taking place, we have opened the event up to allow three members from your organisation to attend, at no extra cost, giving your organisation the opportunity to participate across all of the streams and sessions taking place, making sure nothing on the day is missed.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Resources

UKISUG Analytics Survey Report 2018 (332.96 KB)
WOW! Analytics at the Frontier… ngn & the liberation of information (2.65 MB)
SAP Analytics Strategy (8.80 MB)
SAP HANA Data Management Suite (15.60 MB)
What’s New in SAP HANA, HXE & DBaaS? (2.89 MB)
Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud (1.80 MB)
Harnessing Data to Provide a Single Version of the Truth (2.95 MB)
Successful Business Objects Migration to Cloud Hosting (AWS, Google, Azure, HEC) (2.66 MB)
Best Practices for Updating BI Platform (2.61 MB)
Sizing BI and SAP Lumira Software for Better Performance (4.06 MB)
SAP Analytics Cloud: Process Flows (5.84 MB)
Alexa, ask my demo… (1.86 MB)
SAP Datahub - The conduit to higher level analytics (1.64 MB)
SAP/Pure Universal Data Management Platform (2.13 MB)

Event has expired

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