User Experience Symposium

Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 9:30am - 6:00pm

Cavendish Conference Centre , London

Event has expired

Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel all face-to-face events until September. Take a look at our Events Calendar for webinar alternatives and online learning options!

In 2017 we ran our first ever User Experience symposium in Dublin and this year we are running the event in London!

Michael Falk, Head of UX Customer Office & Chief Product Manager for Sap Fiori and SAP CoPilot will present SAPs Future Direction of UX. An update on the future of UX and human machine interaction.

Oli Rogers from Bluefin will present Zero to Fiori: an overview of SAP User Experience Strategy.

Whether your company has already taken the first steps towards an improved User Experience or is still at Fiori stage zero, this session aims to include an overview of what a complete SAP UX roadmap looks like, and is sure to include a bit for everyone.

Oli Rogers will talk about Bluefins experience helping businesses create an SAP UX Roadmap from conception to production. Bluefin will discuss typical challenges companies face when adopting SAP Fiori/UI5 and will demonstrate the best approach to some of the decisions companies have to make in the design, architecture and development of a comprehensive SAP Fiori solution.

SAP Fiori is a proven way for businesses to get the most value out of their SAP landscape and processes by increasing user acceptance and productivity. Given that SAP’s UX Strategy has made the move to Fiori a question of “when” rather than “if”, implementing Fiori is fast becoming an inevitability that businesses need to start working towards.

“Where to start?”, “Where will it sit?”, “What are the benefits?” and “What will we need?” are some of the questions Bluefin will answer in a human-friendly way.

In addition to these knowledge rich plenary sessions there are a number of excellent networking opportunities at our symposium including nine different sessions in our breakout programme.

The breakout streams are:

  • Mobile
  • Fiori
  • Development

As we have three different focused streams taking place, we are opening the event up to allow three members from your organisation to attend, at no extra cost, giving your organisation the opportunity to participate across all of the streams and sessions taking place, making sure nothing on the day is missed.

Sessions Include:

  • SAPs Mobile Strategy, Aaron Ambrose - SAP
  • Journey into low code development, Dan Barton - Bluestonex Consulting
  • SAP Cloud Platform, Umar Khan - SAP
  • Building Better Fiori Apps: Real world learnings, Chris Scott - Arch Consulting
  • How Smyths Toys made SAP User Friendly, Andy Steer & Rafael Miranda - itelligence
  • Greggs development with Fiori and SAP U15, on premise and in the cloud - Nick Young, Greggs
  • Develop enterprise applications 10x faster with Medix on SAP Cloud Platform, Simon Black – Mendix
  • Mobile Computing for Manufacturing - Tony Porritt, SABIC
  • How Amey has used SAP Fiori to transform Goods and Service Receipt - Simon Pennington, Amey

The event will close with an interactive Q&A with SAP. If you have a questions that you would like to send to our panel of SAP experts please email with your question no later than Wednesday 2nd May.

If you would like to LEARN and NETWORK with other SAP customers and experts alike, ensuring you make new connections, benefiting both you and your organisation you need to attend this symposium.

For the full session details, please view the breakout information documents int he file resouces.

Event Resources

Greggs development with Fiori and SAP UI5, on premise and in the cloud (2.03 MB)
Building Better Fiori Apps: Real world learnings (1.69 MB)
SAP Cloud Platform (3.17 MB)
Develop enterprise applications 10x faster with Mendix on SAP Cloud Platform (837.41 KB)
Journey into Low Code Development (2.01 MB)
SAP Mobile Strategy (2.91 MB)
SAPs future direction of UX (3.16 MB)
Mobile Computing for Manufacturing (3.28 MB)
From Zero to Fiori: an overview of SAP User Experience Strategy (2.25 MB)
How Amey has used SAP Fiori to transform Goods and Service Receipt (2.09 MB)
How SmythsToys made SAP User Friendly (5.59 MB)

Event has expired

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