Higher Education & Research

Tuesday 5th June 2018 at 9:30am - 4:00pm

SAP Objects House, Maidenhead

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Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel all face-to-face events until September. Take a look at our Events Calendar for webinar alternatives and online learning options!

As many customers are aware, SAP SuccessFactors is SAP’s next generation HCM solution. Some UK Universities are implementing the solution or about to but many are still deciding what to do next.

Our next user group meeting will focus on SuccessFactors and what it could mean for you.

SAP will run a 2-3 hour overview session where SAP will run through the high level functionality of SuccessFactors for HR professionals and create a number of scenarios where the users can experience for themselves what the solution is like to use.

This is not a simulation as we recently ran at the last Higher Education & Research meeting but SAP will create an environment with certain business processes set up to enable you to use the solution.

Leighton Joskey from the University of Warwick will share why they chose SuccessFactors for the University, their progress on their implementation and a customers view of the successes and pitfalls to look out for if you were to implement the solution yourself.

Zalaris UK&I will present Selective HR system outsourcing in the face of challenging market conditions for HEI’s

It's been a bad year for universities.

  • The row over vice-chancellors' pay has been a long, drawn-out set of disasters for universities
  • Tuition fees have been frozen and an imminent major review of student funding has cast a cloud of financial uncertainty
  • From this year, a new higher education regulator comes into force, with the Office for Students charged with ensuring value for money.
  • Value for money - this year's survey of student attitudes, carried out by the Higher Education Policy Institute, showed only 32% of students in England thought their courses were good value for money
  • Brexit will impact the sector heavily - 17% of academic staff and 6% of professional services staff at UK universities are from other EU countries

Many of the biggest pitfalls for universities are around the lack of reliable, long-term funding. Instead of being seen as undisputed forces for public good, universities have faced accusations of looking out of touch and self-serving. Universities remain an aspiration for families, a priority for a modern economy and a major export business but somewhere along the way they seem to have suffered some kind of identity crisis. What are they for? Who are they meant to serve? And who should pay for them? It's a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable position for universities. And one that they will want to escape in 2018 and beyond.

Against this challenging business backdrop, Higher Education institutions (HEIs) are examining their HR IT outsourcing strategies as part of a wider review of IT service delivery across the entire organisational landscape, to ensure that their HR IT functions can sustain their HR service requirements while remaining effective and competitive. In an attempt to substantially cut costs in light of the challenging market conditions listed above.

This presentation will explore the major outsourcing issues within the HE context, including why to decide to outsource, what HR IT functions need to be outsourced from a systems perspective, what management and evaluation approaches can generate maximum revenue and reduce transaction cost, and what lessons can be learned from the experiences to date.

We will argue that HEI’s are adopting outsourcing strategies to enhance HR IT cost effectiveness, to focus on their core competencies, to access new knowledge, and to achieve better HR IT provision. will demonstrate our approach using SAP SuccessFactors as an agile, easy to use and mobile ready platform for the modern workplace

Selective sourcing is the preferred strategy to gain optimum benefits from suppliers like Zalaris, while detailed contract writing and partnership development are significant aspects of the management activities to achieve this

Because we believe this is so valuable, we have amended the limit on the number of people who can come along from any one organisation and we therefore invite you to register up to 4 places per University.

Event Resources

Selective HR system outsourcing in the face of challenging market conditions for HEI’s - Zalaris UKI (2.57 MB)
University of Warwick – Why they chose SuccessFactors - Leighton Joskey, University of Warwick (835.54 KB)

Event has expired

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