Today and Tomorrow: Empower & Improve Your Human Capital

Wednesday 4th July 2018 at 10:00am - 11:00am

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SAP SuccessFactors; Performance Management; Continuous Performance Management; Succession & Development.

Success is all about accurate planning, competent execution, regular monitoring and efficiency in the processes. But business, markets, industries, companies and employees change quickly. So, the best way to anticipate and prepare your company for future challenges is to understand your workforce performance and anticipate future growth pains.

In this ABACO Webinar, we will show how easy and accurate it is to evaluate performance continuously, whilst identifying key talents and elements of your workforce. The world changes in an unpredictable way, so, we will demonstrate how can you prepare your successors and make them ready even before your imminent needs.

Success is all about accurate planning, competent execution and efficient processes. With constantly evolving working environments, businesses need to anticipate and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. If a business is ready for change and the workforce is engaged growth can follow.

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