Scotland SIG

Tuesday 10th June 2008 - 9:30am - 9:30am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

This meeting is kindly being sponsored by Absoft and will be focusing on two areas, SCM and Training, please see below for details of the presentations.

Hewlett Packard will deliver three presentations:

  • Why HP for SAP - Why HP Integrity for SAP, this presentation will give an overview of HP's Hardware with relevance to SAP.

  • SAP Supply Chain Management, HP will present on SAP Supply Chain Management and how that works with their business from a global point of view across all worldwide regions.

  • How to protect Supply Chain Business Process, this session will discuss the continued importance of physical documents with the supply chain. How can the basic SAP printing capability be
    enhanced to establish a more robust and cost effectivedocument delivery
    environment.and will provide afew examples where specific supply chain
    processes havebeen enhance through automation

Craig Dale from the SAP UK & Ireland User Group will inform the group of the latest programme information and details on the SAP User Group Conference in November.

Don Valentine from Absoft will present to the group, 'Getting the Right Training, for the Right Staff at the Right Time'. When SAP user training is neglected, all kinds of problems arise that can undermine business efficiencies and affect business performance. This presentation examines how user training can be effectively planned, designed and employed in an organisation to ensure SAP customers realise the full potential business value of their SAP solution.

Doug McPhail from SAP will deliver the presentation Ensuring Training is Integrated into the SAP Upgrade Programme. This presentation will give an outline of how training is a critical component of an SAP upgrade programme.Introducing a best practice approach to ensure end user training is planned,prepared and integrated into SAP upgrade implementation plans. The presentation will look at key touch points that will enable the end user training requirements to be accurately identified and successfully executed, thus supporting the overall objectives of the upgrade. This will be outlined in the context of SAP Educations Eight Steps to Success end user training methodology, along with real-life customer experiences.

Chris Mclellan from SAP will present to the group SAP Enterprise Learning and SAP Productivity Pak. This presentation will include:

  • SAP Enterprise Learning
    SAP Enterprise Learning is the latest version of SAP's Learning Management System. As an integral part of SAP's Talent Management Suite (which sits within the ERP Human Capital Management Solution) Enterprise Learning enables customers to quickly and easily close skills gaps within their organisation and align learning with business objectives. This session will provide an overview of Enterprise Learning and explain how the solution can help deliver the right training to the right people in your organisation.

  • SAP Productivity Pak
    Creating e-Learning content and supporting users through an SAP implementation can be a complex and time consuming task. SAP Productivity Pak enables the creation of project based documentation and online help to be significantly streamlined. As part of this session on Enterprise Learning, we will also briefly discuss Productivity Pak and what benefits it has for SAP customers over other simulation and training tools."

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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