Security (ACS)

Tuesday 19th March 2019 - 9:30am - 4:00pm

SAP Clockhouse Place, Middlesex

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John Mortimer from CyberSafe will present SAP passwords, SSO, multi-factor authentication, and the journey towards perimeter-less network security.

John will explain why you need to stop using SAP passwords and why SSO should only be used when appropriate. You will also learn about:

  • The risks associated with using passwords for access to critical data or elevated access to your SAP systems, and how these risks can be significantly reduced.
  • How 2FA/MFA can reduce data breach risk and also help with regulatory compliance (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, FDA, PCI, …)
  • Real world examples of security issues and data breaches, involving both insiders and outsiders, and how they could have been avoided by using 2FA/MFA.
  • Why your future network will need to be using zero-trust security and be perimeter-less, incorporating the requirements of public cloud hosted SAP applications as well as SAP applications which are on-premise and/or in a private cloud.
  • How you can implement policy-based application action end-point 2FA/MFA after the user has logged on, without needing to change how the user logs into the SAP application.
  • How you can implement SSO and selectively enforce 2FA/MFA in a cost-effective way and without needing to buy multiple products or increase infrastructure cost/complexity.

Richard Harnwell from Linklaters will present How Linklaters solved their user authentication challenges.

Richard will introduce Linklaters and their SAP infrastructure, outline the user authentication challenges they had faced and why they decided to go to market for a robust and flexible SSO product. He will also explain why they selected CyberSafe TrustBroker and how they implemented the product, before outlining both the user experience and business benefits achieved. Richard will conclude with Linklaters' plans to expand their use of TrustBroker, potentially including 2FA.

Tobias Keller from SAP will deliver the session: Tackle the inside risk — protect sensitive data better with UI logging and masking.

Join this session to get to know two novel SAP solutions that help decrease the probability and magnitude of data abuse from within your organisation, and allow for meaningful analysis and insights into data access.

See the solutions in action and understand how the configurability options and features enable you to prevent, or record and analyse unwarranted access to sensitive data:

  • See how UI masking allows you to easily refine your existing data access authorizations to a more granular level
  • Understand how UI logging can entice users to play by the rules, and enables you to identify and stop, or investigate and prove, misuses in data access.

Tobias will also present Detecting internal and external threats to your SAP environment.

Get to know SAP’s next-generation cyber security solution, SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, and learn how to leverage it to identify and analyse cyberattacks as they’re happening, to neutralize them before serious damage occurs.

Learn how to leverage automatic detection of suspicious activities and enable real-time analysis of security events. Attend this session to:

  • Learn to effectively analyse and corelate SAP logs and utilize 70+ attack detection patterns
  • Leverage machine learning and a forensic lab to detect and analyse events
  • Keep your systems secure in a continuously changing cybersecurity threat environment, and get actionable alerts to enable you to take corresponding measures in time to neutralize threats to your business-critical assets.
Event Location

SAP Clockhouse Place
Bedfont Road, Feltham
TW14 8HD

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Event: Security (ACS)

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Event: Security (ACS)

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SAP UI Data Security, UI Masking and UI Logging Solutions

Tobias Keller from SAP presented this session.

Event: Security (ACS)

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SAP Passwords, SSO, multi-factor authentication and the journey towards perimeter-less network security

John Mortimer from CyberSafe presented this session.

Event: Security (ACS)

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How Linklaterws solved their user authentication challenges

Richard Harnwell from Linklaters presented this session.

Event: Security (ACS)

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