Learning (Training & Change Management)

Wednesday 18th September 2019 at 9:30am - 4:00pm

Newcastle University , Newcastle

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Roy Clark from Newcastle University with deliver Our eLearning Implementation:

Hear how Newcastle University has saved hours and £s by switching some of their learning from classroom based eLearning, their use of eLearning in project implementations and their future plans for a blended approach for learning.

SAP will also cover two sessions,

How to measure training effectiveness?

Constant change is a fact of business life. That’s why learning and software training must be continuous. As new users join the company, people change roles, or new software releases are published, training has to be effective.

But how can project leads measure the impact of training, process improvement initiatives, identify skills gaps and develop targeted training to address them ?

As users interact with software, collecting data to spotlight system and user issues and errors is critical.

Get the insights you need to boost user efficiency by establishing a program of continuous usage measurement and analysis, coupled with corrective training and support. This is both a best practice and a foundational element for a culture of continuous learning. You’ll be rewarded with consistently higher user productivity, stronger employee engagement, and greater ROI on your software investment.

You may need to enlist expert help in interpreting user experience data and learning how to apply it. You need actionable information with comprehensive reports and alerts to make data-driven decisions on how much training and enablement is needed. We can help you, we have the solution that offers important measurable KPIs such as application adoption and utilization rates.

Digital learning- what it is and how to implement it?

The notion of digital learning refers to the presence of digital in training content. It is directly linked to the omnipresence of new technologies. But what does this mean for the End User ?

Todays learner requires just-in-time, short learning bits that provide immediate information and skill development. Therefore learning is an integral part of the daily work (on-the-go), and requires different channels of accessing information from different devices, suitable to the learners schedule – from anywhere in the world. It’s faster, more motivating and more effective.

In a first step we will show you what possibilities Digital Learning offers you such as :

  • 24x7 unlimited cloud-based access to training and social learning
  • self-paced e-learning courses,
  • online classes,
  • expert-led live sessions
  • collaborative Learning Rooms – social media-based groups moderated and curated by instructors
  • Live Access training systems for hands-on learning

In a second step we will show you how to implement Digital Learning to bring more interactivity to training and to disrupt the traditional model of addressing a learning need by attending a daylong course.

Users are looking for highly relevant training materials, and individual support. The more specific the learning content, the better the learning outcomes, the happier the users, and the higher the gains in productivity.

Now learning and knowledge transfer take place in a blended learning approach including formal and informal learning, as well as in-application performance support. No more searching for learning and support in the moment of need; it will be available in context. Learning content like context help, guided tours, and tutorials for getting started. Key processes can also be launched directly from Cloud applications.

We show you how to improve user adoption, end-user experience and efficiency of software programs across your enterprise with e-learning content development that works for your employees. Provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed by easily creating, maintaining and delivering performance support, learning material, and documentation content.

The speed and effectiveness of learning improve as your users develop problem-solving skills.

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