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Wednesday 10th September 2008 at 9:30am - 9:30am


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Angela Reilly of SQA will present Implementing ESS, A Case Study. SQA is currently undertaking an implementation of ESS/MSS for launching approximately October this year. This session will talk about our decision to go down this route, our implementation approach and share our experiences, what was involved regarding the resourcing, timescales and pitfalls to look out for.

Cathy Barwick of SQA will present to the group, It functions, what else do you want? Delivering the functionality your users required is only part of thechallenge. Is it really fit for purpose if it runs like a slug, crashes when someone inadvertently types in the wrong thing, and can't be restored afterwards? If you've never done this before, how do you
know what to test for? Load and Security testing are two of many key aspects to be considered before a project should be deemed fit to go live. A brief and high level presentation to give food for thought.

Craig Dale of the SAP UK & Ireland User Group will deliver SAP User Group Conference Update, to include the latest programme information and details on the SAP User GroupConference in November.

Simon Turnbull and Robert Smith from Atos Origin will present to the group ESS/MSS Implementation Awareness. This presentation will cover the following:

  • Review key technical and functional prerequisites before startinga projectimplementation.
  • Back-End SAP ERP HCM configuration that must be in place before you implement.
  • Managing key Organizational Management (OM) hierarchies, objects and relationships.
  • Functionality & Content of both SAP ESS and SAP MSS.
  • Design decisions that can impact your project's resource, skill set and infrastructure requirements.
  • Rollout & Training strategy - "Big Bang" or "Staggered" rollouts.
  • Change Management Strategies - Employee impact awareness of HR data ownership becoming employees/managers responsibility.

Jon Wood of SAP will give you an Overview of Enterprise Support, explaining why SAP made the decision to execute ES, the changes/additional benefits customers will receive, any cost increases and timings of roll out.

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Event has expired

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