Audit Control & Security SIG

Tuesday 14th October 2008 at 9:30am - 9:30am

nr Heathrow,

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Ian Scott from SAP will present to the group An Overview of SAP Global Trade Services. This presentation will take a look at the functionality of GTS, where it fits into SAP's architecture, how it helps with EU trade initiatives, and why it is important for streamlining your supply chain and keeping the Board of Directors out of jail.

Craig Dale from the SAP UK & Ireland User Group will present a SAP User Group Conference Update, giving the latest programme information and details on the SAP User Group Conference in November.

Liz Maloney from ACL will deliver the presentation Fraud Detection and Management in ERP Systems. This session will introduce the concept of how data analysis techniques can be applied within an ERP environment to both detect potential suspicious transactions and subsequently manage the ongoing monitoring of the transactional systems. Commencing with some insights into current day fraud statistics, and an examination of areas within an ERP environment that are vulnerable to fraud; the role of technology in helping to mitigate these risks will be examined. Continuous Controls Monitoring will be introduced as a mechanism to enhance security within transactional based systems.

Craig Dale from the SAP UK & Ireland User Group will discuss with the group Enhancement and Development Requests. This session will give an overview of the development request process and the initiative we are involved in with SUGEN to impact SAPs future product roadmap.

There is also an opportunity for you to Bring your questions and problems to discuss with the group at our Problem Corner session.

Liz Maloney from ACL will present to the group Continuous Controls Monitoring. The concept of Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) will be introduced and its evolution into today's applications will be reviewed. The main principle of CCM as an 'early warning system' for a business will be discussed within the context of assuring shareholder and stakeholder value at a strategic level; whilst offering significant areas for operational improvement at a more tactical level. The implementation of CCM solutions to help detect and manage fraud will also be included in this session.

Michael Christodoulides from ISACA London Chapter will present to the group an Introduction to ISACA. This presentation will give an introduction to the Information Systems Audit & Control Association, including an explanation of where ISACA fits in the world of IT governance.

Event Resources

SAP Presentation IS (1.67 MB)
ACL Presentation Fraud Detection LM (613.89 KB)
ACL Con Controls Monitoring LM (572.69 KB)
Introduction to ISACA (416.80 KB)
Enhancement & Development Requests (258.05 KB)

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