SCM Planning & Manufacturing SIG

Wednesday 14th January 2009 - 9:30am - 9:30am

West Quay Road, BH15 1HZ

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This event is kindly being hosted by the RNLI, Poole, Dorset and is being sponsored by Bristlecone.

Claire Caunt from RNLI will give an Introduction to the RNLI as an Organisation and give in insight into how the RNLI raises funds for its activities.

Simon Bishop from RNLI will deliver the presentation Warehousing in the RNLI. This presentation will give an insight into how the RNLI got the current warehouse setup from a physical and system point of view and where it intends to be in the future.

There will then be a Tour of the RNLI Base, where you can either choose to see the Warehousing or Relief Fleet Maintenance Yard.

Craig Dale from the SAP User Group will then deliver a Review of the 2008 Conference.

You will also have an opportunity to bring your thoughts, problems or questions for discussion with the group at the Problem Corner session.

Patrick Crampton-Thomas from SAP and a representative from Bristlecone will present a Preview of SAP's new Performance Management Solutions, bringing insight to address the challenge of a tough economy. SAP has developed a new platform for performance management. 2008 saw the release of Spend Analytics (SA) and SAP's new Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM) solution which will be released in Q2 2009. learn about these new solutions and how they can bring insight and value to your supply chain and help weather the economic storm. This presentation will be jointly delivered with Bristlecone who are an SAP development partner for the performance management solutions.

Derek Knowles from Unipart will present High volume and highly complex SAP WM solution.
This presentation will look at how Unipart and Watestones have implemented SAP WM to support the creation of a new UK Book distribution hub. The warehouse operated by Unipart in Burton Upon Trent supports the entire Waterstones distribution requirements. The complete solution uses a number of SAP modules in addition to WM (SD, MM, FI).

The processes supported by the solution include:
  • Centralised ordering of books for delivery to the Hub.
  • Distribution of books and other merchandise to shops, automatically pre-sorted by genre to facilitate rapid shelf replenishment.
  • Internet fulfilment and despatch for both UK and overseas orders
  • Return to vendor processes for over stock items
  • Warehouse processes for price and barcode labelling and promotion labelling.
  • In-store Hand Held Terminals for receipt of stock and returns processing in the retail shops.
The technology to support this solution includes:
  • Advanced SAP mobile solutions from Sky Technologies to support complex Handling Unit Managed putaway, picking and despatch process in the Warehouse and retail outlets.
  • Voice picking from Voxware for out sorting.
  • Van Der Lande automatic conveyer/sortation machinery
  • RFID for store tote tracking.
The new build warehouse and SAP provide a true multi channel retail solution for Waterstones, supporting the distribution of over 1.5 million book titles to Waterstones 325 retail stores.

We will then take a look at the SCM Group for 2009 and discuss the future development of the SCM SIG.
Event Location

RNLI, HQ, West Quay Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1HZ

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Event: SCM Planning & Manufacturing SIG

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Event: SCM Planning & Manufacturing SIG

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Event: SCM Planning & Manufacturing SIG

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Event: SCM Planning & Manufacturing SIG

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Event: SCM Planning & Manufacturing SIG

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