Why you need Process Mining to drive continuous improvement

Tuesday 26th May 2020 at 10:00am - 11:00am

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During this webinar, Alex and Lars will explain how process mining gives you a complete and extensive overview of your processes and why this has great value for Operational Excellence, Industry 4.0, RPA, Auditing and any migration project.

Did you think process mining was expensive, time consuming and only for the Fortune 100 companies? Have you always thought about using it, but has the investment, time and money held you back? Then this webinar is for you.

Typically the biggest challenge in Process Mining - but with Data visualization in general - is getting and modelling the data. Because of the extensive experience with SAP data and how to translate it into understandable insights, Every Angle can greatly speed up that lead time. IT will take a couple of days to visualize P2P, O2C and SCM and another couple of days to customize your exceptions. Literally within three days we can do live demonstration / Proof of Concept.

Joining this webinar will give you insights on:

  • What process mining is and which use cases are interesting for process mining
  • How to get and model the data into actionable insights
  • How it can be used to improve your processes and drive continuous improvement
  • How Every Angle Process Mining differs from other process mining solutions
  • How to speed up the implementation of Process Mining
  • How to further improve business processes

After this webinar, you’ll be able to

  • Determine which steps to take to use process mining
  • Understand the differences between Every Angle Process Mining and other solutions
  • Realize how Every Angle supports the quick time-to-value
  • Determine if Every Angle Process Mining is something for your organization.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our webinar. If you have specific topics or questions that you want us to address, please feel free to contact us via the details below.

Hosts: Alex Kelderman (a.kelderman@everyangle.com) and Lars Driessen (l.driessen@everyangle.com), Every Angle

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