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Tuesday 20th January 2009 at 9:30am - 9:30am


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This meeting is kindly being sponsored by Epi-Use.

As you will see from the following, this meeting will focus on Super Users, including a discussion around Super User Best Practice.

Sandra Holroyd will give an Introduction toBG Group.

Zoe Willows from BG Group will then deliver the presentation BG'S HR Super Users. This presentation will cover how and why BG Group set up the HR Super User Network. It will explain how the Network is utilised, the benefits that are derived and the continual developments that we put in place to build the community.

Jane Wallis from Epi-Use will deliver the presentation Efficency and Self -sufficiency through Super-Users. This presentation will cover the following:

The goal: self sufficiency and continuous improvement
Elaborate on the desirable set-up for a Competency Centre / support process
Give reasons for needing this
Use global, regional and local examples throughout

What is a Super-User?
The role
The benefits of having these

How do you make a user super?
Who is a good candidate
Training program required to enable a super user (talk through all phases of the project and beyond)
Ensuring resilience in the role

The SAP Centre of Excellence approach
SAPs approach to Super Users and COEs
Accreditation and benefits

Continuous improvement philosophy
SAP is not just for's for life

Colin Rice from Serco will present to the group an Introduction to Super User Best Practice - Created by the Training SIG Group. This presentation will then be followed by an Open Forum discussion on Super Users.

Daniel Paul the SIG Chair will then give a Review of the 2008 User Group Conference and also look at the Training Groups future development in 2009.

* To view the SAP Super User - Best Practice document, please click here.

Event Resources

BGs HR Super Users (426.86 KB)
SuperUser Best Practice (173.24 KB)
Introduction In BG Group (787.18 KB)
Epi Use Presentation CR (158.45 KB)
BG's Super User Newsletter (137.88 KB)

Event has expired

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