SAP S/4 Integration Online Day - 1

Tuesday 30th June 2020 - 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Dial In Webinar

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

Transition to S/4HANA is a major undertaking. Even if taking a ‘brownfield’ approach with the minimal change to existing business processes, there is substantial human effort and financial cost. Big questions will be asked about the wider systems landscape, and when combined with any on-going digital transformation initiatives, these questions are likely to be:

  • Can our new business initiatives/requirements be
  • supported by S/4HANA?

  • Will the transition to S/4HANA leave gaps in our current
  • capability?

  • Can business initiatives that are in the pipeline afford to
  • wait for the transition to be completed, or would the business value justify investment in an interim solution?

  • Will the transition to S/4HANA reveal significant shortcomings
  • in other systems/interfaces? Could there be opportunities to modernise those areas firstly to reduce risk, and to release resources (which could support the S/4HANA project)?

  • If S/4HANA represents a significant step towards the
  • cloud, how well equipped is the company to integrate the new cloud world (and still extract the maximum value from the legacy apps)?

    Join us for a two-part online series where we share our experience of how to best address the above questions (and more), and learn how our customers are leveraging the power of a hybrid integration platform to best prepare for their S/4HANA migration. Please register for the second day here


    15:00 Welcome and Introduction (Ian Goldsmith - Business Development Director)

    15:10 Planning for SAP S/4HANA (Frank Stegmüeller - VP Services & Marketing)

    What is driving the move to S/4HANA? We will walk through the typical business cases for transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. We will discuss the full complement of transitionary scenarios, be that greenfield, brownfield or landscape. We will outline what the journey from your current ERP to S/4HANA will entail, and what the typical implications are for your wider IT landscape.

    15:40 Customer Case Study 1 - Leading Pharmaceutical Company (Nick Newby-Ricci - Sales Director UK & I)

    We will share with you how we worked alongside a major Systems Integrator to help one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies embark upon their SAP S/4HANA integration journey.

    16:00 External Integration Options Beyond Classic EDI for SAP (Nick Newby-Ricci - Sales Director UK & I)

    The pressures on business to digitalise faster and deeper are often fundamental to thriving and even surviving. Against this backdrop the transition to S/4HANA is potentially the biggest IT project with the biggest implications that the organisation will have to deliver for many years.

    We will discuss how the business can develop a strategy to balance the conflicting demands of:

    • Implementing and interfacing S/4HANA to the wider world as effectively and efficiently as possible
    • Minimising the extent of organisational change freezes to avoid disruption to development and investment in core projects
    • Accommodate unforeseen integration requirements to support processes, systems and other data demands

    16:20 Q&A

    16:30 Close


    Non members of UKISUG are able to attend a limited number of Webinars as a Guest. To participate in our full programme your organisation must be a member of the User Group.

    Contact us to find out more about our range of membership options.

    To join this webinar as a guest – register here

    Please note: this Guest option is only available for organisations that use SAP and does not apply to SAP Partners

    Event has expired

    Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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