How to integrate IoT data into SAP applications using Amazon Web Services

Tuesday 14th July 2020 - 10:00am - 11:00am

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In this demo, a process manufacturing company that makes products that need to stay within a certain temperature range until shipped, is having difficulty controlling spoilage. If a refrigeration compressor fails, or if a staff member forgets to close the door, large quantities of product can go to waste quickly. When either event happens, notifying staff immediately can prevent this by correcting the temperature issue. This demo shows how a secondary sensor network can detect problems, report them to SAP, and initiate notifications or work orders within SAP.

Whether you’re seeking to accelerate rapid provisioning and automation, drive TCO benefits or deliver increased business value, AWS helps you accelerate innovation by extending your SAP systems to an extremely broad and deep set of cloud services. Having the most extensive set of services to innovate with SAP, AWS enables you to stay focused on driving new customer experiences, reshape interactions and create operational efficiencies by better understanding your customers. To be able to turn an idea into customer value and be disruptive, industrial companies need to drive company-wide digital transformation processes, move their industrial applications to the cloud, and get tangible business value from IoT investments. Attend this session to know how companies can faster get value from AWS IoT and SAP with little up-front investment.

Speaking at this Webinar:

Patrick Leung, SAP specialist solution architect, Amazon Web Services

I work with some of the AWS’s biggest SAP customers across EMEA to migrate and extend mission-critical SAP workloads to AWS. I am passionate about architecting SAP digital transformation solutions.

Bob Edmiston, Senior User Researcher, IoT, Amazon Web Services

I am the Sr User Experience Researcher for the AWS IoT Outcome Driven Engineering team. Prior to my current role, I performed User Research for the AWS IoT suite of services, including Sitewise, IoT Events, Things Graph and Greengrass


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Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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