Transform SAP Finance Processes with RPA

Tuesday 25th August 2020 at 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Dial In Webinar

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Learn how to transform your SAP Finance processes by taking advantage of UiPath’s ground-breaking Hyper-Automation Platform

For any business to remain competitive, adopting an innovative approach to operating as efficiently as possible is crucial. Organisations need to constantly innovate to look at ways to streamline & re-engineer processes in order to not fall behind the competition - or ideally to get ahead to gain competitive advantage.

Many businesses have previously sought to reduce costs by outsourcing some labour intensive accounting processes – usually by simply transferring activities to regions where there are lower workforce costs. But technology advances have brought about new ways which offer even greater opportunities to drive real and significant costs advantages which far outweigh outdated methods whilst also eliminating many of the challenges.

The trend to automate rather than outsource is gathering incredible momentum – and for good reason. With technology platforms developing at an unprecedented pace and the steadily reducing costs means there is a clear and tangible business case for automating more and more processes. In short RPA robots can help you achieve more (much more) with less (much less).

This webinar will highlight how RPA can be used as a powerful tool to drive your digital transformation. It will highlight the potential role of RPA in digitalisation and finance and will touch on the real-world challenges and opportunities likely to be encountered on your Automation journey.

We will provide guidance around the various types of role that automation can be applied - everything from large scale solutions through to a personal digital assistant. The webinar will offer practical insight as to where RPA can be applied across the broad spectrum of SAP Finance processes encompassing a deeper focus across Month End, Accounts Payable, Invoice Processing, Accounts Receivable, Reporting, Finance Master Data and housekeeping – this will include a practical sample Demo in SAP.

Join this webinar to discover how you can get more out of SAP finance by integrating UiPath’s RPA platform to drive efficiencies. Here is what we will cover:

  • UiPath’s RPA solution & product suite
  • Role of RPA in Digitalisation and finance transformation, challenges & opportunities
  • Types of Automation (Industrial, Virtual Support, Digital Assistant)
  • Ideal Digitalisation and Finance processes for RPA:
    • SAP Finance Month-End
    • SAP Accounts Payable (inc’ Invoice Processing & demo)
    • SAP Accounts Receivables
    • SAP Finance User Reporting
    • Cleanse & Enrich SAP Finance Master Data
    • Housekeeping in SAP Finance
  • Q&A

Event Resources

Transform SAP Finance Processes with RPA webinar recording (115.43 KB)

Sponsor Resource: AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd.

Event has expired

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