De-risking SAP and Azure migrations with Microsoft and Colt

Tuesday 6th October 2020 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Dial In Webinar

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

When it comes to cloud migration, elasticity is critical in enabling customers to accommodate their requirements during the migration and steady state operations afterwards. Both cloud computing and network connectivity need to be equally elastic and reliable to meet customer requirements to minimise downtime and maximise application performance. Colt has been a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner since 2014 and has provided OnDemand connectivity since 2016.

The purpose of this session is to show how you can use this elasticity to speed up migration of critical workloads such as SAP to Azure and reduce business downtime.

Key topics discussed:

  • Overview of a typical SAP migration
    • Planning, testing, optimising, go-live
  • Reducing downtime
    • Leveraging compute and network elasticity
  • De-risking migration
    • Performance
    • Service Assurance
  • Competitive Position
    • Location Independence
    • Country POP and customer DC flexibility and Key for resilience conversations
  • Propositions
    • Speed to deliver and bandwidth elasticity
  • Multiple connectivity options
    • Connectivity Options – SD-WAN Cloud Gateway, Multi-cloud, On-Demand, Ethernet with or without rout

Speaking at this Webinar:

Nick Morgan – SAP for Azure UK Technical Lead, Strategic Partnerships Team

Nick is a highly experienced IT professional with over 15 years’ in designing infrastructure solutions for SAP to meet the most critical business requirements. Nick was an early exponent of the benefits of virtual environments for running complex SAP environments and embraced private cloud solutions from 2011. Witnessing the maturing of public cloud providers he joined Microsoft in 2017 as SAP on Azure technical lead for the UK to drive adoption of SAP on Azure Hyperscale Cloud

Ciaran Henry - Senior Sales Engineer and Practice Lead for Cloud Connectivity, Colt Technology Services

Ciaran began his career in Telecommunication with Worldcom as an engineer working in Service Delivery and Infrastructure. After this he was then a presales engineer with France Telecom and Verizon. In 2003 he joined Colt Technology Services and is now a Senior Sales Engineer and has recently taken up the position of ‘Practice Lead for Cloud Connectivity’ as well. This new role fits extremely well with his background in designing customer connectivity solutions as he has already lead the Cloud Connectivity engagements for the last 5 years. Ciaran has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computer Science and Honours Master’s Degree in Internet Systems and Architecture from Dublin City University.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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