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Training & Change Management SIG

Thursday 6th May 2021 - 9:00am - 11:30am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

Our Training and Change Management SIG attracts and brings together those who train trainers, train end users and those who have an interest in or are new to training, to showcase and discuss different training ideologies, methods and tools. It is also for those involved in managing change, concentrating on the impact of change to the users.

Lindsey Rowe from SAP will be delivering a session: Addressing the skills & challenges.

Finding and training the talent that companies will need if they are to thrive in the future has become a defining issue in our era of advanced technologies, whereby lifelong learning is a critical success factor. This session will give you an insight into how SAP is supporting their customers and partners on their skills transformation journey. This session will also give you an understanding of the different programmes and innovative approaches SAP is engaging with to bring the next generation of talent into the workplace.

Over the last 30 years, the technology landscape has changed considerably and at the same time, IT skills have had to evolve to keep pace with both technology and business transformation. To help you navigate the changing SAP skills landscape we created an SAP Skills whitepaper to provide practical advice on what you can do to upskill your workforce.

After SAP's session, Roy Clark your Training and Change Management SIG chair will present the key findings and tips from the paper.

Ross Barnes-Moore from Resulting IT will present The Critical Factors that drive SAP Adoption in 2021.

Three years ago Resulting IT published their SAP Success Report – a research project that looked at the factors that have the biggest impact on SAP project success. The SAP Success Report identified a High Adoption Focus as the #1 thing you can do to massively increase your chances of success with SAP.

Despite that and based on Resulting IT's experiences since organisations engaged in SAP programmes are failing to give adoption the focus it requires.

They observed:

  • Misalignment between programme and business strategy - specifically vision supporting strategy, failure to clearly prioritise the programme vs other initiatives and lack of transparency of the business case, or in some cases a lack of a business case
  • Part of the problem is inconsistent sponsorship, coupled with a lack of business engagement generally, but specifically with operational management

They’ve seen some great attempts, and a lot of money invested, but a few themes come through as consistent failings of programmes:

  • Thinking they need a change management strategy when they actually need an adoption strategy
  • Focus on adoption starts too late and finishes with hypercare
  • Training strategies don't hit the mark in terms of adoption outcomes and often end up being expensive to deliver and even more expensive to develop and maintain

In response to these consistent problems, Resulting have developed a new approach to SAP Adoption Strategy which they will be releasing in the coming months. During the Training and Change Management SIG they will provide a sneak preview of this Strategy by looking at the 7 steps that organisations often miss or get wrong when it comes to SAP Adoption – what they're calling the 7 Sins of SAP:


  • Sponsor – is the sponsor visible and active?
  • Align - does the vision for the project support business strategy, priority and the business case?
  • Commit – have you outlined goals in writing as a Charter?
  • Engage - How do you market your message? How can you educate; communicate and collaborate?
  • Enable – Do you use a blended training approach?
  • Adopt - How can you measure adoption? Do you encourage; intervene and celebrate successes?
  • Adapt – Is there a feedback loop in your adoption Strategy to drive continuous improvement?

Resulting IT will also look at the great tools and technologies available to underpin this approach and optimise your Adoption strategy.

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*Please note only 3 registrations available per company.

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Your Training & Change Management SIG Chair:

Roy Clark has almost 20 years’ experience with SAP, training university staff on SCLM, SRM, MM, SD, HR, BW etc. He has been involved in major upgrades and implementations and sought new ways to train and support the users.


Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Event: Training & Change Management SIG

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Event: Training & Change Management SIG

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