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Enterprise Architect SIG

Tuesday 18th May 2021 - 9:00am - 12:30pm

Venue TBC

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Thinking of attending our Enterprise Architect SIG?

This SIG helps Enterprise Architects, by giving them access to essential information about SAP products and strategy. The SIG is aimed at Enterprise Architects and at decision-making roles in business or IT.

Gareth Kirkham from the SAP EA Group will present SAP RISE Program with PCE and BTP.

Using a real customer project, Gareth will explore what the SAP RISE program is and how it can help customer programs. Gareth will also explore more generically how RISE involves the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP, formerly SAP Cloud Platform) and SAP Private Cloud Edition (PCE).

Julian* Brumby from SNP will present Accelerated S/4HANA Migration.

To date the uptake of S/4HANA amongst the SAP installed base has been much lower than anticipated. There are a number of reasons why, but what is common throughout is that there is limited business appetite for a long, costly, disruptive transformation project unless the business case is hugely compelling. In many cases this is not the case.

If the migration to S/4HANA could be done faster, cheaper and with limited impact to the business, whilst ensuring business improvement and innovation this makes the decision so much easier. SNP have developed a unique migration approach which offers exactly this. With SNP BLUEFIELD organisations can:

  • Automate analysis and visualisation of the as-is system(s) to enable rapid, fact-based planning
  • Deliver business transformation without costs, risks and time associated with Greenfield re-implementation (targeted business change)
  • Leave behind redundant data (org units) and take forward as much or as little historical data as required
  • Merge, consolidate and harmonise multiple data sources into a single transformation engine and import into the target S/4HANA system
  • Move to the Cloud and S/4 in one project, with one go-live
  • Minimised downtime at cut-over to avoid long outages

SNP's presentation will explain how, in particular IT departments can overcome the common blockers preventing an organisation transitioning to S/4HANA.

Simon Townson from the SAP EA Group will deliver a session on SAP ISAM (Integration Solution Advisory Methodology).

Re-cap on ISAM for the EA SIG with a focus on data integration and how Enterprise Architects can use this methodology to help make the right data integration choices based on the underlying data use cases.

John Barnard, Kevin Madder and Neil Ashworth also from the SAP EA Group will then cover Hyperscalers and your Data Strategy Part 1.

This session introduces the wider, very topical subject of how to integrate SAP solutions into your wider data strategy including the roles of Hyperscalers. The RISE and SAP Private Cloud initiatives from SAP throw a particular focus on this as we increasingly adopt Hyperscalers as the platform for SAP solutions.

Part 2 of this will be the subject on the entire September EA SIG where SAP will go into more details on Hyperscaler.

There is not one tool that is applicable for every scenario. Different use cases for data dictate different patterns. They will explore these use cases and highlight why they demand different approaches.

Your Enterprise Architect SIG Chair:

Costa Petrosellini has more than 15 years’ experience working with SAP systems with vast experience of SAP global implementations, strategic projects, upgrades, infrastructure And licensing. He also implemented E-commerce hosting installation projects working for global organisations like RS-Components and Pentland In leading positions.

*Julian has 20 years experience within the SAP ecosystem, initially working for an SAP Partner providing technical consultancy and guidance to the Public Sector, moving on to work for SAP UK, providing cross-industry specialist services such as System Landscape Optimisation and Near-zero Downtime, transitioning to account management. Julian currently holds the position of Head of Client Services for SNP in the UK, providing innovative transformation solutions to the SAP market.


Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Enterprise Architect SIG Agenda

Agenda for the Enterprise Architect SIG on the 18th May 2021.

Event: Enterprise Architect SIG

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Enterprise Architect SIG - Recording

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Event: Enterprise Architect SIG

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Accelerated S/4HANA Migration - Julian Brumby SNP

Sponsor Resource: SNP

Event: Enterprise Architect SIG

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Data and Analytics Architectures

Slides from EA SIG on 18th May 2021

Event: Enterprise Architect SIG

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Rise with SAP Customer Use Case

Presentation from EA SIG detailing customer project

Event: Enterprise Architect SIG

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Master ISA-M Presentation

Presentation from EA SIG - How to make the right integration choices

Event: Enterprise Architect SIG

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