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Testing (ADLM) SIG

Thursday 10th June 2021 - 9:00am - 11:30am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

Thinking of joining us for our Testing SIG?

This SIG has a very broad range of subject matter, covering the full Application and Development Lifecycle of your SAP solution. From End to End Solution scoping, implementation (including Testing), support, operations, maintenance and optimisation.

Join us online and learn:

  • How NATS use SNP TDO to support testing and protect sensitive data in their SAP environments
  • How to eradicate SAP Test Data Challenges with SNP Test Data Organiser (TDO)
  • How to Accelerate Your Testing journey with SAP Solution Manager with Intelligent Testing Solutions from Tricentis and SAP


Julian Brumby & Sadiq Richardson from SNP will talk about how to Eradicate SAP Test Data Challenges with SNP Test Data Organiser (TDO).

Successful companies are constantly evolving and re-inventing themselves to keep pace with ever changing market conditions and trends. As a result agile and flexible IT systems and processes are imperative in order to support business transformation and operations.

Adapting enterprise systems to keep up with business change is real. Systems must be stable and robust whilst also delivering on the functionality needed to run the business. As such test strategy and execution is critical.

For an organisation running SAP, applying change quickly whilst also ensuring system stability is an extremely difficult balance. There are so many moving parts and integration points to consider.

In order to provision test data for projects and BAU, full system copies are typically performed from production back to test/training/project landscapes. This process is time consuming and very labour intensive. It is also expensive due to resource and large data footprint. Because of this projects are delayed and worst-case corners are cut re-testing, resulting in changes being promoted into the production without being tested properly jeopardising the operational business and causing disruption and delays.

To solve these problems automation is required, removing the level of manual interaction, and really accelerating the process. SNP Test Data Organiser (TDO) provides the ability to automate the refresh of test data to non-production systems. Not only does this speed up the activity, but also enables an organisation to be selective about the data they bring across from production, reducing the database size and thus cost of running SAP systems. This is especially apparent in cloud and/or HANA environments.

Not only does TDO provision the data, but it can also scramble/desensitise the data in non-production systems, protecting important sensitive data and ensuring compliance with GDPR legislation.

During this session SNP will explain how TDO can solve common testing pitfalls, saving organisations time and money during their transformation projects and BAU operations. SNP will be supported by Emma Chambers, Head of NIBS Business Process & Activity Management at NATS.


Alex Ertl from Tricentis will explain how to Accelerate your Testing journey with SAP Solution Manager with Intelligent Testing Solutions from Tricentis and SAP.

In July 2020, SAP and Tricentis announced an exciting new partnership in software testing and test automation. Since that historic launch, for their customers that has meant rapid innovation, fast transformations, and quick time to value.

On your SAP journey, speed changes everything. Find out how SAP and Tricentis are working together to help enterprises complete SAP projects faster, with less risk and lower costs than ever before. Their new approach to automation delivers 10x faster testing times, 90% risk reduction, and 50% cost savings.


The event will end with a session from SAP.


Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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