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Licencing (ACS) SIG

Thursday 17th June 2021 - 9:30am - 11:15am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

Thinking of attending the Licencing (ACS) SIG?

This is a well-supported group attended by a cross-section of professionals working with SAP and representing the following business areas: IT Security; (including SAP Basis experts) IT & Financial Audit; and Risk Management. One of the core aims of the group is to improve awareness and understanding of the SAP security features in relation to SAP Product portfolio, including any specialist areas that have a control aspect, e.g. Licencing.

Michael Deller and Bernd Hartmann from SAP will present RISE with SAP – a licencing revolution?

This session will explain the licencing model behind the new SAP RISE offering and aims to help customers understand how licencing under RISE works and which principles are actually changed or continued, in comparison to 2020 by answering two questions:

  • How does it fit into SAP’s general licencing strategy / evolution of licensing models?
  • How does it relate to the pre-RISE licencing models which SAP has offered in the past?

Myrja Schumacher from Aspera will be talking about Mastering the SAP Licencing Challenge with a SAM Tool.

Over time, companies have built up complex SAP landscapes. Managing these landscapes is becoming increasingly difficult; above all, there is often a lack of transparency in licenses and benefits. In addition, there are strategic decisions, such as Digital Transformation, "Rise with SAP", S/4HANA, DAAP and SAP Cloud, and contract negotiations. Learn how to prepare for these strategic decisions and use them to your advantage in this presentation by USU.

We are glad to have Jochen Hagenlocher, Head of SAM at a Swiss Fortune 50 company, who will share some best practice with you. In this session we will look into:

  • The benefits and risks of RISE with SAP
  • How to make the right SAP licencing choices for your company.
  • What steps of preparation can save your company millions in licensing fees.
  • How an SAP Licensing Tool can help you optimize, mitigate risks and forecast costs”

Your ACS SIG Chairs:

Brian Froom has 21+ years’ experience as an IT Auditor across different sectors. He is currently involved in the security and monitoring of Tata Steel’s SAP installations across UK and Europe.

Rhian Parry has been leading Welsh Waters IT External Audits since 2012 along with the SAP Access and Authorisations Annual user reviews with SAP licence Management now in her remit as Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s SAP Assurance Lead within the SAP Centre of Excellence.


Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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Licencing (ACS) SIG - Agenda

Agenda for the Licencing SIG on the 17th June 2021

Sponsor Resource: Aspera

Event: Licencing (ACS) SIG

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