Testing SIG

Wednesday 30th September 2009 - 9:30am - 9:30am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

This eventis kindly being sponsored by Acutest.

Paul Jackson from SAP will deliver a presentation on Solution Manager as Process Documentation Repository. This presentation will discuss the ability to store process documentation (and flowcharts), its strengths and weaknesses and discuss integration with tools such as Casewise.

Paul will also give a presentation on Solution Manager and Automated Testing. This will give a discussion on capabilities of its testing cockpit. What can SolMan achieve in this regard and how is this different from what automated tools such as HP Quality Centre (HP QC) are capable of (ie, I know that the cockpit can display status of individual tests is this for manual testing only?) IS eCATT an alternative to 3rd party automation tools? At a high level how does one integrate SolMan into HP QC?

Peter Le Duc from SAP will present to the group Business Process Change Analyzer. What does Business Process Change Analyzer do? What are the requirements to be able to use it successfully? What Support Pack level is required? Does it work with ECC 5.0.

Craig Dale from the SAP User Group will deliver a 2009 Conference Review.

After Lunch, Tom Norris from Acutest will administer a half day workshop on Risk Based Testing in the SAP World. A risk-based approach to testing offers SAP implementation projects a thorough and effective way to highlight high risk areas and focus testing effort to minimise and mitigate the risks of "going live". This presentation shows you why risk assessments should be started early in the project lifecycle and the overwhelming benefits that can be realised by the project and its stakeholders. This includes the role of risk workshops in bringing consensus amongst stakeholders to establish the level of risk and the level of corresponding test effort that will be needed for a successful implementation. It also highlights the importance of applying risk assessments to requirements and other early project lifecycle products. The presentation explains the techniques involved in implementing this approach and how it is relevant to SAP implementations. It focuses on the context in which SAP development takes place and the role of the ASAP methodology. Interactive approach. Your input is welcome and interruptions and heckling are welcome! In-addition there will be some breakout exercises for you to complete and to help trigger further discussion and thought.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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