Finance SIG

Tuesday 8th December 2009 - 9:30am - 9:30am

Venue TBC

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

This event is kindly being sponsored by Hanse Orga.

Neil Grey from Swift will deliver the presentation SWIFT for Corporates: A briefing for SAP customers- SWIFT is increasingly being used by large, multinational corporatesas an alternative bank communications channel - providing a secure, reliable and standardised means to submit payment instructions and collect bank statements and other reporting information from a multitude of banks around the world. The result is better control over payment flows
and greater visibility of global cash positions.

James Willis from SAP will present to the group an Introduction to Bank Communication Management and InHouse Cash. Both the SAP In-House Cash and BankCommunication Management applications are part of Treasury Applications from SAP. This presentation will cover how Bank Communication Management helps streamline payment processing, strengthen compliance and achieve straight-through processing across multiple banks through its additional functionality and integration with SWIFT.

SAP In House Cash enables you to improve control over cash and liquidity and gain greater efficiency by centrally managing cash and payments on behalf of companies subsidiaries.

Raimondo Saiu from PPG will deliver the presentation Automated bank reconciliation in SAP: Cost effectiveimprovement for your matching and processing rates. SAP-FI includes certain functionalities in its standard to automize the automatic bank reconciliation. However, this process in SAP only has a limited functionality to automatically assign imported incoming payments to open items. With AutoBank for SAP corporations can increase the automatic assignment rate noticeably and optimize the entire automatic posting processes within SAP financial accounting. Based on the SAP system logic Hanse Orga developed a fully integrated software enhancement named AutoBank for SAP.

With Moneta for SAP you will benefit from

  • In-depth group-wide cash management within SAP
  • A unique, highly automated liquidity planning
  • For both SAP and non-SAP companies
  • Available through the Web as well as the SAP GUI
  • Fully integrated within SAP, but functionally independent of accounting
  • Flexible and customizable by the (key-)user
  • Extensive standard reporting

Mark French from SAPwillpresentExtended Direct Debit for SAP Financials Accounts Receivable- SAP Packaged Service Solution,(paperless direct debit mandate SAP management processes). SAP Accounts Receivable provides limited support for direct debit processing, e.g. generation of the DME payment file for the physical collection of monies due. With this package, Extended support is available within FI-AR and the solution provides technical developments and additional functionality to support the entire DD processes being deployed.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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