Minimise Risk and Disruption During Cloud Migration for SAP

Wednesday 10th November 2021 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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Agility, cost and operational efficiency have made cloud a destination of choice for running SAP. However, migrating these mission-critical systems to the cloud is no small feat. A successful migration strategy requires proper planning and execution, and enterprises who don’t anticipate the potential pitfalls may have their timelines and return on investment impacted.

Attend this webinar, hosted by Peter Jonak, EMEA SAP Solutions Engineering, Virtustream, and Fenton Morris-Winmill, EMEA SAP Solutions Engineer, Google Cloud, to discover how enterprises can minimise risk and disruption during cloud migration by developing a strategy that factors in common challenges and migration roadblocks, such as:

  • Complexity, size, customisation and low downtime requirements impacting migration timelines
  • Lacking the technical skills related to SAP or the destination cloud (such as Google Cloud)
  • Improper data identification, resulting in the migration of cold data that increases costs and system size
  • Failure to properly secure data during migration execution, creating vulnerabilities and compliance risk

Challenges such as these can cause business disruption, resulting in slower time-to-cloud, increased risk related to ransomware attacks and compromised data, and a lack of best practice establishment impacting efficiency during steady-state operations.

In this webinar, Virtustream and Google Cloud will zoom in on each of these roadblocks and discuss how to prevent them by leveraging industry experience with SAP migration and implementation.

Careful planning before migration execution is mandatory, and the speakers will discuss what enterprises need to identify prior to migration in order to ensure a successful launch, such as developing a transition methodology and utilising build automation to expedite infrastructure and SAP application set-up. The webinar will also detail how enterprises can meet low downtime mandates during their migration to the cloud by utilising proven processes and certified SAP teams to help identify and mitigate roadblocks before they become risks that impact migration timelines.

In addition to preparing for unexpected roadblocks before migration, there are also a multitude of common mistakes that IT leaders should be mindful of during migration. The speakers will share their knowledge regarding what enterprises should be looking for while the migration strategy is being executed. This includes areas such as system complexity and size, overprovisioning of resources increasing costs, change rates, complex billing once in the cloud, and more.

Event has expired

Event has expired or booking no longer available.

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